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Washington DC Videographers

To ensure a meticulous record for your deposition, you might like to have a videographer present in addition to your court reporter. Our worldwide court reporting company can equip you with expert, certification videographers. Our videographers utilize modern technology to provide you with top quality deposition videos. We supply this footage in a variety of formats including MPEG1, DVD, MPEG4, or coordinated with the text with exhibit hyperlinks.

Our Washington DC Videographers Provide Remote Video Access

Remote video access is also available. Internet streaming services allow individuals to easily receive streaming video and text for any location in the world as it happens. Through this service, you can take a deposition in New York as your expert signs in from her or his workstation in Chicago to monitor the proceedings through a simultaneous feed.

There are many reasons to choose a deposition videographer. If a witness dies or becomes ill while a case is ongoing, an attorney can access clear visual recordings of testimony that witness has given. In some areas, an expert’s testimony can be given by video, in the event that witness is unavailable for testimony in person.

DC Videographers Maintain Honesty

Videographers can also be used to maintain honesty on the part of the deponents. In the event a witness is found to be dishonest, they can be impeached based on video testimony. If a witness make statements in the courtroom that are vastly different from those made on video, at attorney can easily show this with much more powerful impact with from video than from a simple transcript. Finally, attorneys and litigants tend to be cooperative and less disorderly when they are aware there is a camera in the courtroom, allowing proceedings to move faster, and ultimately saving money and time.

Capital Reporting Company can provide these critical services at reasonable, transparent rates. There will be no unexpected fees on your invoice. As a matter of fact, you might be eligible to receive a discount if you set up numerous depositions with us or use our services in a case that is pro bono.

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Washington DC Videographers
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