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Frequently Asked Questions About Court Reporting Services

If you’re looking for court reporting services Washington DC offers, you may have a few questions in mind. That’s understandable and the professionals at Capital Reporting Company are here to help. As a provider of respected Washington DC court reporting services, we are here to answer your questions if you call 202-759-2766 to talk to a member of our staff.

We hope that the following information is helpful, but if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to call.

What Are the Different Types of Court Reporters?

There are three types of professionals who offer court reporting services Washington DC residents rely on: steno typists, steno mask reporters, and electronic recorders. If you aren’t sure which type of reporter you need, please call our court reporting services in Washington DC and we will help you determine who to hire.

Steno Typist: This reporter types on a steno machine using shorthand. The computer then translates their shorthand to English. In some cases, the reporter may be able to stream the English text to an attorney’s computer, which is called realtime.

Steno Mask Reporter: A reporter can wear a steno mask that covers their mouth and allows everything they say to be recorded. Someone later transcribes the recording to produce a written transcript. In some cases, voice recognition software is used to produce realtime captioning.

Electronic Recorder: In some cases, the other methods of court reporting isn’t practical in the room. This could be due to the dimensions of the room or a sound system. In this case, the reporter can use an electronic recorder with digital equipment, a sound system, and microphones to record everything that’s being said.

Can I See My Transcripts Online?

Yes. Capital Reporting Company uses a Lit Connect suite to store transcripts online for clients to access at any time. Simply ask your court reporting services Washington DC provides how to obtain your transcripts.

What if I Need Court Reporting Services Outside of Washington DC?

We have case managers in Washington DC and other major metropolitan areas such as San Francisco. If you need services internationally, we also have support overseas in areas such as Europe, Australia, and Latin America. If you need services outside of Washington DC, just call us at 202-759-2766 to see how we can service you.

How Fast Can Court Reporters Type?

This will vary based on your court reporter, but any court reporting services Washington DC residents would recommend will have court reporters who can type up to 225 words a minute. This is because you can’t be a legal and certified reporter unless you meet a minimum typing speed and accuracy.

Court reporters are a valuable service and our team is here to help you at your next deposition. If you have any questions, we are here to answer them for you and prepare your expectations for when you hire a court reporting team. When you’re ready to take the next step, simply call Capital Reporting Company at 202-759-2766 to schedule court reporting services Washington DC trusts today.


Frequently Asked Questions