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There are many benefits of hiring a court reporting company Washington DC legal firms rely on. At Capital Reporting Company, we’ve served over 10,000 clients and have experience covering court hearings, trials, meetings, and depositions. Amongst our staff we have more than six decades of combined experience.

If your firm is looking for a court reporting company Washington DC provides, call us at 202-759-2766. Capital Reporting Company was founded by an experienced court reporter and two trial attorneys. The following information provides an outline of some of the benefits our services may offer to legal firms.

The Benefits of Hiring a DCCourt Reporter

When your legal firm arranges a legal or court deposition, your firm must reserve the services of a legal transcriptionist. That role may be filled by a court reporter, transcriptionist, or a stenographer. Each of these services brings a unique skillset to the table, but not all are equal. The following information highlights the many benefits to hiring a court reporting company in Washington DC.


Transcriptionists. Legal experience or education in the area of law is not required to be a transcriptionist. This service may be provided to any number of industries, including the medical field.

Court stenographers. Like court reporters, court stenographers are skilled typists who are likely familiar with legal documents, terms and court case procedures. However, court stenographers are not certified.

Court reporters. Formal schooling, certification, and a developed skill set are requirements for court reporters. In addition, reporters must maintain a required level of accuracy and typing speed when transcribing. They must be able to focus on the job at hand regardless of distractions and disturbances. Court reporters are trained to create clear and understandable records even if multiple people are speaking simultaneously.

Additional Benefits of a Court Reporter

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, court reporters with a Washington DC court reporting company may prove to be valuable for these reasons:

  • Advanced comprehension of language and syntax. Court reporters undergo rigorous training and certification, which requires the ability to follow along without asking questions. They must be able to understand and accurately transcribe speech even when people have accents, speaking difficulties, or use complex phrases and terms specific to their technical field. Excellent spelling is essential, whether it’s personal names, geographic locations, or technical words.
  • Confidentiality. Court reporters understand the implications of violating attorney-client privilege and are trained to respect the confidentiality of the proceedings. They know not to discuss the case at any time with anyone other than employees of the firm that hired them. A respected court reporting company Washington DC attorneys use on a regular basis will likely have procedures in place to assure confidentiality.
  • Neutrality. Regardless of the proceedings’ subject matter or the potential responses to it, court reporters are trained to remain neutral. They understand the importance of remaining emotionless and are able to focus solely on the task at hand.
  • Fast turnaround. Court reporters are trained to work quickly and without sacrificing accuracy or clarity. Your firm may receive an expedited transcription of the court proceedings, which are usually as accurate as possible. As a court reporting company Washington DC lawyers trust, Capital Reporting Company works to maintain the highest standards in quality and reliability.


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If you have questions about court reporting services, call us at 202-759-2766 to speak with a qualified representative of Capital Reporting Company. We offer court reporting, video conferencing and translation services to law firms and government agencies. Call us today to find out more about the benefits of hiring a court reporting company Washington DC is proud to call their own.