Court Reporting Company DC

A court reporting company DC attorneys trust understands just how critical court reporters can be to their case. This is why at Capital Reporting Company, we only use the latest technology, combined with the work of the most skilled, professional court reporters. Our court reporters transcribe at 225 words per minute or more and have a minimum accuracy rate of 95 percent, which meets the requirement of the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA).

How can a court reporting company in DC help you?

There are several services a court reporting company DC clients rely on offers which can benefit your business. We offer court reporting services for depositions, hearings, and trials. In addition to transcribing, we also offer translation and interpretation services.

Capital Reporting Company offers real-time court reporting facilitation. The modern, computerized stenotypes we use instantly translate shorthand to standard written English. This enables anyone present to have immediate access to what is being recorded.

In the majority of cases, transcripts of hearing and depositions are available within 10 business days. A seasoned court reporting company DC offers realizes that there are situations where those transcripts may be needed sooner, so our company does offer expedited service. However, we also prepare rough digital drafts, (also referred to as ASCII’s or dirty disks), which those involved in the proceeding can request after the deposition is complete. This allows quick access to testimony without the extra cost of expedited service.


Another service that Capital Reporting offers clients is the ability to video record depositions. There are several critical reasons why an attorney may consider using a deposition videographer, including:

  • If an expert witness is unavailable to testify in person, their testimony can be delivered via video.
  • If a witness should become ill or pass away while a case is in progress, their visually recorded testimony can be presented instead.
  • If a witness is recorded in their deposition as saying one thing, but then testifies to another, the visually recorded testimony can be used to impeach that testimony. The visual of a witness not being truthful can be much more powerful to a jury and make more of an impact than just reading testimony from a written transcript.
  • The psychological effect cameras have on people can be helpful in contributing to a smooth and quick deposition. Attorneys, litigants, and witnesses may be more cooperative when they are aware they are being visually recorded.

A court reporting company DC attorneys trust knows that utilizing the most modern technology helps ensure the best quality of deposition videos. Capital Reporting is able to supply clients with different video options, including DVD, MPEG1, and MPEG4, as well as provide text with exhibit hyperlinks. We also offer internet streaming, allowing remote access of the proceedings to be available at any location in the world in real time.

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No matter what your legal reporting needs are, a DC court reporting company can help ensure your case’s success. At Capital Reporting, we have been consistently ranked as a leading independent court reporting company. Our company has served tens of thousands of clients, many who have voted to name us the Best Provider of Court Reporting Services in the National Law Journal/ Legal Times.

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