What is a Deposition, Mediation, Trial and How the Differences Impact Your Legal Case

Being a party to a lawsuit is perhaps one of the most stressful and confusing events a person will face in life.  Often you will be faced with having to pay out potential large dollar amounts, incurring criminal penalties or other serious repercussions that have major impacts on your day to day life.  Even when represented by legal counsel you will encounter terms, proceedings, and requests phrased in unfamiliar or intimidating legal jargon.  Not having a thorough understanding of these various proceedings and official labels… Read full post

What Not to Do in a Deposition

A deposition is a recorded statement under oath by a witness in a legal proceeding in response to questions asked by an attorney involved in the proceeding. The witness answers questions posed by the attorney involved in the legal proceeding. The questions are posed by the attorney as part of the discovery phase of litigation. Depositions allow one side to find out what the witness knows about the case. Questions and answers are recorded by a stenographer to preserve the witness’ testimony in case the… Read full post